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Carin  Psychic, Medium, Channel, Energy Translator

What Carin Can Do For You

During a reading with Carin, she will go into a light meditation and connect with your energy.

Through your energy she conduits information regarding your life purpose as well as answers to questions about your past, present and future. As her extremely loyal clients will tell you, the experience with Carin is very comfortable, safe and, many times, life changing. Read more about Carin.

As a Psychic, Carin is often able to:

  • Relay information to help clarify your life path.
  • Communicate with your loved ones (by mutual agreement) that have crossed over.
  • Connect with non-verbal individuals and speak to you for them.
    (A few examples are those with autism, those whom have had a stroke, the deaf/blind population and your animal friends.)

A typical reading is 60 minutes. Within the first 40 minutes, most of your questions will be answered. The remaining 20 minutes are used to fine tune the information received and for you to ask any additional questions.

All readings are confidential. In fact, when Carin comes out of meditation, she doesn't retain the information she has shared with you. However, upon your next visit she reconnects and soon picks right back up on the previous reading in addition to your current concerns.

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"This was my first experience with a psychic. I was a bit concerned about someone 'getting into my head,' but that isn't how it was at all! I was amazed at her gift and will see her again in a heartbeat! By the way, she has been RIGHT ON about everything she's told me!"

~April Brennan

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